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Stand For Jesus is the Christian apparel and urban streetwear brand.

Who are you really? What do you stand for? If someone asked you what you stood for, what would you say? Would you know how to share & communicate what you believe? Now you can wear what you stand for and be an Influencer for Jesus. 

We are a community of world changers who are passionately living for a global purpose and lifestyle movement to challenge people to actually live out their faith. To not just be perceived as real, but to actually be real. We don't just talk about it, we live and breathe it. 

What Jesus is building is not about any one of us individually, or what we create, but is about His eternal glory. That's what we stand for. Join the movement. 


Stand For Jesus was born out of the idea that inspired Christians should have influencial, premium, modern, trend leading, fashionable clothing to wear. Clothing that shares the Good News and challenges people to take a stand.

In addition, we stand for so much more than our apparel. We are building a community of people who are living and sharpening each other to be what Jesus wants us to be. We are doing everything for the glory of God. 

We thoughtfully make each Stand For Jesus piece, crafting, and building with an inspired creativity. Ultimate perfection is the goal. We incorporate genuine artwork and pay attention to the small details that define each piece. We work with intention with a clear goal to build the Stand For Jesus Movement of ultimately sharing the Good News. Christian fashion can be so much more than it already is, and we will strive to transcend the market into something much bigger.

Our pieces are at home on city streets and neighborhoods across the globe. We provide an experience to our community members. You can wear our styles anywhere, including on the streets, in meeting rooms, high-end restaurants, while shopping, going out for the night, relaxing or in any situation. We are always working on new collections to drop, and make sure they represent the brand with excellence.

Stand For Jesus members are intentional with what they wear. We don't just look in our closet and put on clothes without consideration. we intentionally choose items that will have an impact with those around us.  Our clothes will give us satisfaction of knowing we are making an difference. Our apparel is a resource for people to share the Good News and to inspire existing believers to take a stand and to share their faith.

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We know we are part of a movement that is much larger than ourselves that is making a true difference in the world. The mission is to know what we stand for and how we can effectively communicate and influence others for the cause.

Clear and specific ways our community members can work together to grow the movement:

  • Pray for us. Prayer is everything. Pray that our movement would genuinely change lives and would bring glory to God. 
  • Purchase and wear Stand For Jesus clothes. Buy for yourself, wear our brand everywhere you go, and give as gifts to your friends. We are constantly releasing new items, we would love to see them on you. Know that every purchase you make has a world influence through others seeing what you are wearing. Each purchase also supports the current Stand For Jesus Community Project we are working on. Our collections are meant to be statements of what we believe and become the voice that communicates the Good News and sparks the hearts and interest of others. We are not just a brand, we are a lifestyle.
  • Interact on Social Media
  • Facebook - Like, Share & Comment on our posts and videos. Interact with other community members.
  • Follow us and interact on Instagram. 
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
  • Join our Newsletter. 
  • Send us pictures with you wearing Stand For Jesus apparel.
  • Know what you stand for and be a servant to people you interact with.
  • Share the Good News with others.
  • Become an Affiliate, and/or a Stand For Jesus Brand Influencer.
  • Represent - If you wear Stand For Jesus apparel, you are an ambassador for what we stand for. Know you are part of an incredible community who is influencing the world through the shared vision, and do everything you can to uphold that standard.

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Stand For Jesus is a socially responsible brand that produces sustainable, eco-friendly, ethically produced apparel. We deeply care about the world and the people in it. We vet the companies we work with, making sure they align with our principles and are sweatshop free and ethical.

We volunteer and give back to different organizations each year. We work with some organizations with extensive distribution networks and others on a localized level. We make sure the money is actually going towards these projects. Examples of organizations we are looking into supporting:

  • Compassion International
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Ronald McDonald Houses
  • World Vision
  • Supporting Missionaries - including our own Stand For Jesus members.

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We are passionate. We are obsessed with adding value. We are inspired 24/7. We love Jesus. We love life. We love energy. We love this earth. We love people. We serve. We are building a massive community of believers who want to meaningfully change people, to be the best that Jesus can empower them to be. Everyone has a purpose, and is alive for a reason. We welcome change. Our culture is built around the Stand For Jesus Movement. This is a chance to be a part of something much larger than ourselves. We love to have fun and enjoy life, and work very hard. We are totally committed to something worth doing. We want to be known for our passion. It's who we are and what we do. We refuse to conform and do not believe in impossible. We push the limits. We invest and take ownership in the vision. We do not want to just be perceived as real, we want to actually be real.


We find our identity ultimately in Jesus. We don't take that lightly. We fight the stigma of the lukewarm life most people live. We are building a community of real people who think for themselves. We evaluate, and don't accept being lukewarm, mediocre, hypocritical, or being stuck on the status quo. We question why things are done and welcome change. We continually evaluate and test ourselves making sure we uphold the highest standards. We know who we are and know that every single person has a God-given purpose. We do everything we can to develop genuine character. We take a stand and are dedicated to the principles and the passions of shared vision of changing this world one valuable life at a time.

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We asked ourselves what a measurable benchmark would look like that would represent the Stand For Jesus Movement.

Our first goal is to impact 1 Million people who have unleashed their passion towards the purpose and movement, and to become known as the Christian brand who disrupted the fashion industry. We will measure this with the number of members and purchases our website has, in addition to the number of followers on our social media channels.

Yes, this is a big goal, but we fully believe that there are millions people out there who would agree with the vision. This will take a fierce commitment from our community, to add value and to do what no one else can do. We are thinking about what kind of legacy and world change can we create. Our members believe and own this.